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Collaborate with OnLume

OnLume Surgical’s novel approach to fluorescence-guided surgery provides superior imaging with high sensitivity allowing low fluorescent drug concentrations – even under ambient O.R. light conditions. And, our imaging device is adaptable and applicable to a broad spectrum of targeted fluorescent drugs for applications across the full range of surgical specialties. 

We are dedicated to advancing fluorescence-guided surgery through cutting edge clinical research and to accelerating the advancement of FGS with like-minded partners. We are actively collaborating with many key partners, including:

  • Developers of novel fluorescent agents, from preclinical exploration to clinical development
  • Surgeons seeking to integrate FGS into their clinical practice and/or interested in conducting clinical studies
  • Clinicians and institutions interested in implementing the OnLume Imaging System to advance surgical precision.

Please contact us if you are developing fluorescent agents for use with FGS imaging systems or if you are a surgeon interested in piloting the OnLume Imaging System.

We are proud of our close collaboration with existing partners who have helped us achieve early success:

Medical Research & Development is a Team Sport

OnLume is proud to have the endorsement and partnership of the esteemed Dr. Quyen Nguyen, M.D., Professor of Surgery (Otolaryngology) at the University of California’s San Diego campus and Founder of Alume Biosciences Inc., a successful fluorescent drug development company. For a fascinating bit of historical background on fluorescence-guided surgery, as well as an eloquent distillation of the spirit of collaboration in the medical research industry, we invite you to view the TED talk given by Dr. Nguyen.

Novel Fluorescence Drug-Device Partnerships