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Delivering Certainty with ClarityTM to plastic and reconstructive surgeons

  • The OnLume FGS Imaging System has advanced visualization tools that guide procedures by unveiling critical anatomic information in real-time by color-coding tissue function and type.
  • The system informs vital intraoperative decisions in challenging procedures, where compromised visibility limits tissue delineation and poses clinical uncertainty.
  • Using indocyanine green (ICG), the system’s high sensitivity provides depth of view of up to 2 cm to visualize deep vessels and tissue structures.
  • Responsive, real-time video allows surgeons to naturally manipulate the surgical field without latency or workflow disruption.
  • Compatible with ambient room light; no need to dim or turn off OR lights

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FDA 510(k) Cleared

The OnLume FGS Imaging System is US FDA 510(k) cleared for fluorescence imaging of blood flow and tissue perfusion before, during, and after plastic, reconstructive, vascular, gastrointestinal, organ transplant, and microsurgeries.

Partner with us today to help advance the field of FGS.